Silver Bear for outstanding artistic contribution by production designer Elena Okopnaya

Independent Jury Prize Berliner Morgenpost

Aleksey German Jr. | 2018

The film shows several days from the life of a young and yet unknown writer Sergei Dovlatov in 1970s Leningrad, on the eve of his friend’s immigration, the future Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky. Dovlatov like many other banned writers and artists in the USSR attempts to live a normal life: to write, to mend fences with his daughter, to get a job. Alas, each day it becomes more and more difficult.


In a series of life conflicts, intermittently funny and soul-piercing, we discover  the life of an insightful, brilliant, ironic and very talented individual who is trying to preserve decency and talent in spite of the will of the state machinery.

Director: Aleksey German - Jr.

Director of photography: Lukasz Zal

Written by: Aleksey German - Jr, Yulia Tupikina

​Production designer and costume designer: Elena Okopnaya

​Cast: Milan Maric, Danila Kozlovsky, Svetlana khodchenkova, Elena Lyadova, Anton Shagin, Artur Beschasty

​Producers: Andrey Savelyev, Artem Vasilyev, Konstantin Ernst

Co-producers: Maxim Lojevsky, Rushan Nasibulin, Eduard Pichugin.

Producers (Poland): Dariusz Jabłoński Isabella Wojcik Wioleta Kaminska

Producer (Serbia) : Miroslav Mogorovich 

​Country: Russia, Poland, Serbia

​126 min