Professor Terekhov

Anton Alekseev | 2019

Documentary, 28 minutes

Written and directed by Anton Alekseev

Director of photography: Philipp Martynov

Producers: Olga Yuntunen, Maria Anipchenko

Editing: Sergey Majer

Narrated by Alexander ARAVUSHKIN

Order of the company Lanit-Terkom

Russian Einstein — that’s how Andrei Nikolaevich Terekhov is being called all over the world. His Russian colleagues, however, jokingly say that he resembles a mad scientist. Terekhov - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of System Programming, St. Petersburg State University and the man who brought Russian programming to the world level. At one of the critical moments for the country, in the 90s, he created a company that became home to several generations of Russian programmers. Now his students hold senior positions in leading IT companies, and the international press often talks about mythical Russian hackers. This is a film about a person for whom programming is not a profession, but a way of life and thinking.