Our advantage is extensive experience in the creation of TV content. More than 20 television programs, many of which became rating champions of Russian television.

We produced such long-lived projects as Jury Trial (1378 episodes from 2008 to 2018) and “Jury trial. The final verdict. "

We involve leading industry professionals in the production of the series to achieve the best possible results.


Outdoor Surveillance

In the GUVD (ministry of internal affairs) of St. Petersburg, there is a special unit “NN”, external surveillance. Officially -Operative but-search management, unofficially - "outdoor advertising". The officers of the "outdoor" do not wear uniforms; practically no one knows them by sight. The specifics of the work makes the “outsiders” bad family people, but they are good friends. A distinguished employee of the "outdoor" will never become a front page hero.

Strakhov Daniil Peregudov Sergey Karasev Artem Gorobchenko Sergey Zhidkov Ivan Drozd Maksim Man'kovskaya Yuliya Ivanov Igor' Lyubimov Il'ya Kryukov Konstantin Dobronravov Fedor

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Well Done

We will make repairs in new buildings, in apartments without finishing, in apartments in which there has never been a repair. We are happy to change for the better, typical housing, where on the example of one room we show different options for its transformation. Leading Mikhail Bragin and Alisa Selezneva will follow all stages of the "transformation" of the living space. We are not just We talk about repairs, and give tips on how to correctly change the curved space, how to arrange furniture in a tiny kitchen, choose curtains for the nursery and light in the hallway.


Alice Selezneva Mikhail Bragin

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Antiterror Anthology

The authors of the project are trying to answer the questions: who are the terrorists, what are their goals, who benefit from human casualties, how are people fall into the trap of ideologists of violence. Twelve films are full of information - these are opinions, figures and facts from politicians, psychologists and religious scholars, observations and memories of anti-terror veterans units, exclusive interviews and operational filming of special services.

12 documentaries

Hosts: Vladimir Mashkov

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Theater in Prison

Theater in Prison is a documentary story about the play staged by the English director Alex Dauer in penal colony No. 29 in Perm. The heroes of the film Theater in Prison are prisoners in the colony who take part in the play. In addition, the prison is a special place. It has its own rules, its own life, not like the one that remained on the other side of the barbed wire. The film “Theater in Prison” helps to see how people became kinder with the help of the theater, how their hearts thawed, how their attitude towards each other changed.

Director: Kirill Serebrennikov

Based on Alex Dower

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At War as at War

“At war as at war” is a dramatic military-patriotic program that tells about known and unknown episodes of our military history, about secret operations of special services, about the fight against espionage, sabotage, and border provocations. And, first of all, about the feats of Soviet and Russian soldiers and officers, both during military operations and in peacetime. And, most importantly, reveals the strong and courageous character of the Russian warrior, the defender of his country.

Host: Arkadiy Ukrainskiy

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Showbiz Quiz 

Showbiz quiz is a television program, a program for pop culture lovers, in which three hundred different teams participate, demonstrating not only creative, but also personal lives of pop stars who are present in the auditorium. The winner receives a prize.


Irina Makhova

Sergey Belogolovtsev

The Famous Five

The Famous Five is a sport entertainment show for teenagers, in which two teems of five people demonstrate their sport skills as well as their intellect. The winner receives the prize. 


Alexey Veselkin

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Tula Tokarev

Tula Tokarev is a full name of the TT pistol, which has become a cult since the late eighties and during almost all nineties. It was the most common weapon during the years of the Great Criminal War. Two fates, Tula's and Tokarev's, will put Vasilyevsky Island into a military weapon, against the one they call, Invisible, Phantom, Chess Player. He also grew up on Vasilyevsky Island - a young man "with motionless eyes and cobwebs in his soul." He committed murders and believed that he was doing justice. He imagined himself to be an "island cleaner".

GOLDEN RHINO Award as “Television Film Out of Category” for “Best Editing”. GOLDEN RHINO award nominee for the September 2009 - September 2010 season in the nominations: Best Television Series, Best Screenplay, Best Director's Work.

Peace Mission. International Anti-Terrorism Training - 2007

In April 2007, the 3rd round of consultations of military experts of the armed forces of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization took place in Chelyabinsk - Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. At the exercises attended by defense ministers and heads of state of the SCO member states, as well as military observers from Belarus and Armenia. The main goal of the exercises is to achieve mutual understanding and compatibility of the management bodies of the maneuvers of the SCO countries, while the troops were involved for confirmation operational tactical calculations.

Three hour live broadcast

Company employees were awarded state honours

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People Will Decide

The theme of the program is the real stories of people who need help in solving a difficult life situations. Before the start talk show heroes commit themselves to acting in accordance with the studio decision. The situation is discussed by the leader, advocates of each of the parties and advisers (persons known in society). 

Host: Victor Verzhbitsky

Co-hosts: Maria Manakova and Natalie

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A Special Case

Any incredible story always has several explanations: mystical, fantastic, rational. And only one of them is correct. Agency unknown hunters extremely confusing situations unravel any "special case".


Yevgeniya Chirkova, Vitaliy Kudryavtsev, Svetlana Varetskaya, Aleksandr Kuritsyn, Mariya Kononova, Ivan Mezhanskiy, Dmitriy Kozel'skiy, Anna Bachalova, Dmitriy Solov'yov (II), Anastasiya Nemets, Viktor Pilipko

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The Art of Victory

From February 6 to 10, 2008 in the city of Zaraysk, Moscow Region, the first tournament between the teams of the ministries and departments of the power structures of Russia took place - the television project "Art of Winning" for the cup of the Zvezda channel on army hand-to-hand combat. "The television project was held in order to raise the prestige of service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Border Guard Service, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and other power ministries and departments; attracting young people to enter the educational institutions of these ministries and departments. Lavna hero of the program - Army melee, in the face of strong and fearless soldiers and officers of all the genera and species of the Russian troops.


Irina Makhova

Vladislav Galkin

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Sue as Russians

Sue as Russians is a judicial-legal reality series that is based on real cases pending in court. The Justice of the Peace examines the case, listens to the Plaintiff and the Respondent, between whom serious passions and testimonies of witnesses often flare up, after which he makes the only right and fair decision.


Aleksandr Selyutin

Wake Up

Wake Up is a morning show, aim of which is to bring the emotions the audience so they could get a mood for the day. Hosts tell about the news, give advise and talk to guests — famous people who share their experience in different spheres of life.

107 episodes

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 Jury trial. Final verdict

Final Verdict — the sequel of the most high-profile cases considered in the program Jury trial. Unfortunately even Themis may make mistakes, but should not be disappointed in justice court. The team of lawyers and their permanent assistants begin their own investigation. In the course of the proceedings, they will face complex, sometimes life-threatening situations. But our heroes can unravel any business, and this time the final verdict will be fair.

455 series

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Inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation

The company participated in the filming of the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in 2008. The company participated in the development unique multi-camera technology for taking the oath and taking office President, held on the territory of the Kremlin and in the St. Andrew Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Unique multi-camera technology


Legends of the Soviet Criminal Investigation

A series of documentaries about the legendary Soviet detectives. The names of those who committed audacious crimes were once on the front pages of the leading newspapers. About some of them novels were written and films were made. The legendary criminals who made the USSR shudder! Who were these people? What made them clever robbers, ruthless killers or brilliant swindlers? How did they fate? However, the main goal of the series is not at all a detailed listing of the criminal exploits of famous attackers. This is, above all, a story about the legendary Soviet forensic scientists and detectives.

179 documentary films

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Football Night

Football Night is a talk show designed for football fans, in each issue of which the latest news and match results are covered and also the most interesting shots from past matches are shown and commented on .


Tash Sarkisyan 

Viktoriya Lopyreva

Georgiy Cherdantsev

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The Grand Jury

The talk show "The Grand Jury" is a unique project, where the main thing is not the experts' opinions, but the opinions of ordinary people. 12 people of different professions, ages and interests. They are united by indifference and the desire to seek and find a solution to the problems that life poses before us. Part of the programs is conducted by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikolai Ovchinnikov. The Grand Jury is a truly popular program, where viewers get the opportunity, through their "representatives", to express their opinion on the TV screen.

Host: Nikolay Ovchinnikov

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Happy race

Happy race is a sports and entertainment TV show, a program for children of high school age who participate in various sports contests using modern and teenagers' favorite attributes, such as, for example, videos and skateboards. Famous people act as judges: athletes, musicians, directors.


Nikolay Fomenko

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Ending the week

Weekly analytic program which concludes the news of the week with a focus on the main topic. For that topic guests, consultants and video materials are prepared. Host of the show is a state duma senator Vladimir Pligin. 

111 episodes 

Host: Vladimir Pligin