The whole family of 6-year-old Anna dies during the mass execution. The girl stays alive, as mother has covered her with her body. For more than two years Anna hides in a fireplace in a German commandant's office. From her shelter she is looking at the life passing, waiting for the village to be freed from nazis. Impossible, but even in these terrible conditions Anna manages not only to survive, but also to stay a human. Memories of life, being demolished by war and of parents help her as well as one friend, who saved her from a complete loneliness. 


Director: Aleksey Fedorchenko

Director of photography:  Alister Khamidhodzaev​

​​Editors: Pavel Khanyutin, Herve Shneid

​Cast: Marta Kozlova​

​Producers: Andrey Saveliev, Artem Vasilyev, Maxim Lojevsky

​Executive producer: Olga Yuntunen, Dmitriy Vorobyev, Alexander Yashnik

​Co-producers: Anatoly Zakharov, Simon Vine, Mikhail Grachev, Arkady Tseitlin, Boris Khobod

​Country: Russia​ 

The project was made with the support from Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov & Konstantine Sorokin, Gazin Family Fund.